Accessing our services

Housing support

If you need housing with support, there are three routes into our service:

  • If you already access support from an agency such as an advice centre or substance misuse agency, ask them to make a referral to us
  • If you have a support need and a local connection to Islington or Hackney, go to their Housing Advice Centre. They may refer you to us.

Email or telephone our Assessment and Referrals Coordinator on 020 3815 4100 and they will recommend the best way for you to apply.

Adult Learning and Employability

If you would like to access our learning and employability services, there are three routes into our service:

  • Call or email us at our Kingsland Hub office and our team will arrange to meet you to see what we can offer.
  • Ask your support agency such as the Community Mental Health Team or your GP to refer you to us.
  • If you are a Peter Bedford tenant, you can also ask your support worker to refer you to us.

Email or telephone our Adult Learning and Employability Team Leader on 020 3815 4100 and they will recommend the best way for you to apply.