Living with us

Peter Bedford Housing Association was originally established in the late 1960s to work with ex-offenders and we were a pioneer of supported housing. We now work with a much wider range of socially excluded adults but the philosophy of self-help and mutual support that guided our early development still very much underpins our work and sense of community today.

Peter Bedford is much more than just a housing service. We are very good at providing homes for people but we also understand that they may need more than accommodation to get themselves back on their feet. We provide all our tenants with a programme of support, to help them reach their full potential during their time with us.

There is a broad menu of opportunities that we can tailor to suit the needs of every individual we work with, helping them to overcome barriers to achieving their independence. This enables us to provide tenants and participants with a pathway to building a new life, from recovery to gaining new skills, training and employment.

We continue to expand the services tenants can benefit from. These include:

We’re particularly proud of the opportunities we can offer through our enterprises. They provide a structured and supported way for tenants and participants to learn and grow as individuals within a social environment. They are the perfect opportunity to develop the skills for more independent living.

All tenants and participants are expected to take part in one of the many services on offer. We also actively support tenants to take part in activities and services outside of Peter Bedford HA.