Working Futures

Working Futures (2013-14) is a service that supports people with mental health problems into employment funded by London Councils ESF Cofinancing. We are leading the service delivered in partnership with East Potential (part of the East Thames Group) Hillside Clubhouse and Thames Reach.

The eleven boroughs served by the new Working Futures partnership are some of the most deprived in London.

There is a strong correlation between poor mental well-being and deprived areas, therefore this project works with unemployed people with a wide range of mental health conditions. Funded by London Councils ESF Co-financing, the project was originally run in partnership with Hillside Clubhouse as lead partner and was recognised as one of the best performing in London.

We are now leading an expanded partnership, which includes East Potential (part of the East Thames Group), Thames Reach and Hillside Clubhouse.

Developing a good relationship between employment workers and participants is central to engagement as is setting realistic goals and recognising achievement. Their journey is rarely straightforward and the service must be flexible, persistent in following up and offer ongoing support.

We are also funded through the Department for Work and Pensions Flexible Support Fund to work with a wider range of disadvantaged people to help them obtain work, many referred through Jobcentre Plus.

Under the Working Futures partnership 2010-12:

  • 25 adults with mental health problems were supported into work
  • 10 achieved sustained work of six months duration or more
  • 117 progressed to further training or job search
  • 56 completed a work placement