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I Dream In Colour – James Gray


When? Exhibition open 10th August – 16th Sept 2017

Launch Event: Thursday 10th August – 6pm-8pm

Where? Outpost, 546 Holloway Road, London N7 6JP


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I Dream in Colour – A new solo-exhibition by James Gray at Outpost showcases fantastic art in vivid colour, influenced by the inner world of dreams. A mix of psychedelic abstract paintings and figurative sgraffito skylines of London, where he lives and works.

His compact abstract paintings on canvas draw you into an intricate fantasy world of colour spectrums, twisting kaleidoscopes and glitter, where the physical fluid movement of thick acrylic paint is captured in glistening textured surfaces. The imagination wanders amongst swirling paint to find order in the chaos, with shapes morphing into surreal creatures and landscapes. Evocatively described as ”jewellery on canvas”, “ice cream” and “candy made in dreams”, the sensuous and soothing paintings are a sight to behold and treasure.

His figurative sgrafitto works depict luminous city skylines and trees in acrylic on paper. Layers of painted are scratched through to reveal what is underneath, creating texture and depth. The dark foreground and brightly coloured lines give the impression of atmospheric night scenes.

James loves to immerse himself in the experience of painting and the feeling of creative flow. He is constantly surprised by what emerges, and by people’s interpretation of what they see in his work. This sense of wonder and discovery is a great source of inspiration that drives him to develop his artistic practice.


I Dream In Colour_James Gray_Outpost_PBHA 2James Gray_Diorama Arts Centre


“My journey started 10 years ago when I found myself homeless. I’ve struggled throughout my life, but nothing prepares you for a life on the streets. Surviving each day and night, that’s what it’s all about. Not knowing what’s next. A life outside of life. First you think it’s just a dream and then it hits you. There is no comfort or joy, just pain and sorrow. Being kicked, being woken up and moved on. Being a stain on society, a piece of dirt. Just another statistic. I am thankful because it opened a door for me. A path that led me to where I am. I joined an art therapy class in a day centre. I taught myself different techniques and soon fell in love with art. Art saved my life. I’ve exhibited and sold my work through Café Art. I now live in my own flat. I’ve started my own business as a self-employed artist. I’m Artist in Residence at Diorama Arts Centre. And now have my own exhibition at Outpost. That’s how far I have come. My name is James Gray, I am an artist and I dream in colour.”

Peter Bedford Housing Association (PBHA) are proud to work in partnership with Café Art to provide a platform for James Gray at Outpost, as part of PBHA’s Big Lottery funded Supporting Makers programme. The programme provides support for artists and makers experiencing barriers to accessing the art world. Participants are supported to become creative entrepreneurs and to develop, showcase and sell their work.


Find Your Extraordinary – Kizitta Anning


When? Exhibition open 25th July- 22th Sept 2017

Where? At The Coffee Shop in 242 Kingsland Hub, Haggerston, E8 4DG


A showcase of sensational garments, accessories and textile wall hangings by artist and designer Kizitta Anning is to be hosted at Peter Bedford Housing Association’s Kingsland Hub. There will be a launch event from 5pm – 7pm on Wednesday 26th July, where visitors can expect to be enthralled by the artist’s incredibly bright personality and rich history as she talks about her work.

“Inspired by nature, I use experimental yarns with my machine knitting to create unique garments to adorn the body, starting with my own individual expression. My work is tactile and can be worn in many different ways. I invite the wearer to design a finished product with me, by choosing how they style it.”


Kizitta_Hair pins2